How the Internet Has Changed the World: 5 Points to Understand It

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 10 years, you probably know the big importance the internet has in our lives. It has become so important that now that internet access is nowadays considered a basic human right. The internet has changed the world and the way we live… but how… Read more »

Comcast pushes IPv6 forward

But its going to be slow going, and for good reasons. Despite all IPv6 promises, there is still much, much testing to do before its ready for prime time. Today Comcast revealed that it has started an IPv6 pilot market deployment as first step leading to nationwide rollout next year. Broadband providers like Comcast havent… Read more »

Names, Numbers and Beyond…

Couple of weeks ago I started a new initiative called Names, Numbers and Beyond. I started this as I genuinely think we are facing big issues due to the uncontrolled and non-standard growth of the IP and Name space used today and tomorrow. To keep in control and make everything manageable, parcelling out IP address… Read more »

Superstorm Sandy and the Global Internet

The Internet has managed to collect its fair share of mythology, and one of the more persistent myths is that from its genesis in a cold war US think tank in the 1960's the Internet was designed with remarkable ability to "route around damage.” Whether the story of this cold war think tank is true… Read more »

Its Not Paranoia if They Are Really After You!

In the latest development from the World Conference on International Telecommunications, a new "compromise proposal has been leaked to This proposal is certainly no compromise, as it not only is a bald faced power grab by the sponsors (Russia, UAE, China, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Sudan at this point), but shows a stunning lack of… Read more »

To Flat or to Cap?

No that's not a question about Australian coffee tastes and the critically important difference between a flat white and a cappuccino. This is a question about the differences in ISP retail models for broadband Internet access and the choice between a retail model of a "unlimited" flat fee that has no volume component, and a… Read more »

IPv6 2012 Report Card

The recent NIST IPv6-compliance report shows that the USA leads governments in IPv6 deployment worldwide, with 450 US federal government websites accessible in IPv6. The report also sheds light on sectors that are falling behind in providing IPv6 support, such as education and enterprise. Google reports that globally more than 1% of its users now connect via IPv6 – a… Read more »

Looking Back on 2012: Whats in our Rearview Mirror?

Well, 2012 is almost over, and we can now reflect on the major events that hit our industry this year. If I had to choose the top three trends from the past 12 months, they would have to be: 1. Over-the-top (OTT) services 2. IPv6 deployments (finally!) 3. TR-069 adoption Let's examine each of these… Read more »

The Christmas Goat, IPv6 and DNSSEC Third Season

Christmas Goat – A pretty picture of the Christmas goat from the night before it was burnt down (top) and the early morning photo after it was burnt down (below). Image source:  As Christmas were getting closer, the third time of load balancing the streaming pictures of the famous Christmas goat in the city of… Read more »