Comcast pushes IPv6 forward

But its going to be slow going, and for good reasons. Despite all IPv6 promises, there is still much, much testing to do before its ready for prime time.

Today Comcast revealed that it has started an IPv6 pilot market deployment as first step leading to nationwide rollout next year. Broadband providers like Comcast havent rushed the switch to IPv6 despite an increasing shortage of IPv4 network addresses because of lacking support, ranging from operating systems to network switches and other devices. Then there are security questions that only real-time use can answer.

This first phase will support certain types of directly connected CPE, where a computer is connected directly to a cable modem, John Brzozowski, Comcast distinguished engineer & chief architect for IPv6, explains. This will depend upon the cable modem (a subset of DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems, which will expand over time) and will also depend upon the operating system (only Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac OS X 10.7 / Lion), which must support stateful DHCPv6. Comcasts list of cable modems is 74, but only three support IPv6.